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Business: The continual technological innovations, together with the endless capacity for globalized business they bring, are resulting in substantial and consistent growth within business ideology and techniques. Operating as the leading journal of business studies, the APJBSS gathers and publishes the most prominent findings and conclusions heralded by today’s worldwide business sector.

The Journal advocates traditional business concepts as well as contemporary strategies and progressive technology trends. Contemplative Macro/Microeconomics, Strategic Management Techniques, Marketing Scenarios and Entrepreneurship all coincide in the APJBSS, with e-Business, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management and Strategic Finance subjects resulting in a diverse selection of advanced business-related studies, practical advancements and professional insights.

A successful micro business structure mirrors the key components of highly-functioning global business strategies. Each component within the structure lends itself to the advancement of economic trends and global trading. The Journal optimizes these diverse, yet comparable, platforms by offering an array of relevant business studies and innovations related to the extensive scope of trade and commerce practices worldwide. The publication reflects the revolutionary growth of Business Studies and strives to continue delivering information at the forefront of business matters.

Social Studies: Additionally, the APJBSS encompasses the most recent exploration and analysis relevant to the prosperity of the associated fields of Social Sciences. The professional research within its pages, regarding Sociology, Cross-Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Law, Archeology, Women’s Studies and beyond, projects a well-balanced range of scientific information and evaluation.

Fostering innovative ideas and progressive discoveries within the diverse realm of Social Science, the APJBSS documents the scholarly research, case studies, foundational realizations and professional headway that accelerate the growth and development of these respective areas of professional interest.

The Journal aims to lead the way by focusing its efforts on the collaboration, compilation and publication of these exciting advancements in the Social Sciences.

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Published: Oct 15, 2019

Amir Temur, the initiatiation and development of diplomatic relations between Yildirim Bayazit

1-7 Uljaeva Shohistahon, Khakimova Makhruya, Turdiboyeva Maksuda, Botirova Khalima

Opportunities for development of socio-cultural bases of activity of museums of Uzbekistan

8-14 Mansur Bobomurodovich Bekmurodov, Yulduz Azamatovna Narziyeva

Financial mechanism for improvement of insurance companies

15-24 Karshiev Otabek Abdullaevich

A Critical Study of The World of Peer-Group in R.K.Narayan’s

763-770 Joghee Senthilkumar