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We all know that clean environment is sine qua non of healthy living and essential for making earth a compatible habitat for all flora and fauna. Among all the living things, human being is the only creature on this earth that is responsible for causing pollution, damaging environment and disturbing ecological imbalance. Thus, he now owes a responsibility too to maintain it so that our future generations can sustain and able to live healthy life. When we compare a situation of around two decades back with the current scenario, everyone is aware and vigilant enough towards this burning issue. Many national and international organizations, NGO’s and government at both central and state level are striving hardtowards achieving this goal. There is a collective effort of all but amongst these Judiciary plays a pivotal role in environmental protection. The judicial precedents in this regard are remarkable and have brought actual changes in society. Through this paper the author has tried to analyze the role of judiciary in environment protection in India. The underlying theme of this paper is to study the latest judicial approach and trend and innovations in the direction of making India more clean and green.

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