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Concrete has become basic material in day to day life of humans. Low tensile strength and brittle nature are the basic defects in concrete. These defects are enhanced due to improper compaction due to congested reinforcement in detailing. Addition of fibers enhance energy absorption capacity and delays crack propagation. Self-compacting concrete is being developed in recent years to avoid these defects. It is the concrete which consolidates due to its own weight without any compaction. The present investigation is mainly focused on the effect of mechanical properties of SCC with supplementary materials. In this investigation concrete having compressive strength M80 with Lime sludge (LS) and polypropylene fibers. LS added to the concrete with 0 to 20 % by weight of cement. Polypropylene fibers are added to the concrete with 0 to 0.2 % to volume of concrete.   

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