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The key purpose of this research article is to evaluate the Bachelor of Business Management students’ preference for reading resource and its reasons for using for their academic purpose. This article is based on the cross sectional survey carried out at Makawanpur Multiple Campus, Nepal across the Second, Fourth, Sixth and Eighth Semester students in 2019. The simple random sampling technique, especially lottery method was applied to select 151 students from the population of 156 students. The researcher used a questionnaire regarding the students’ preference and reasons for using reading resources.  The percent of students who preferred teachers’ handouts (42.4%), guide books (19.9%), solution books (19.2%) and text books (18.5 %)   show that more students in the research study preferred the teachers’ handouts. The chi-square test of independence of gender and preferred reading resource   χ2 (3) = 7.193, critical value = 7.815 and p > .05; and that of semester and preferred reading resource χ2 (9) = 5.144, critical value = 16.919 and p > .05 show that there was no statistically significant association between gender and preferred reading resource, and no statistically significant association between semester and preferred reading resource. The highest percent (33.8%) students viewed that teachers’ handouts were useful for the examinations.

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