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In this current era, advertisement creates massive change in the society. How advertising works is the most important issue prized both academically and sectorally. Understanding this process will contribute much to deciphering the codes to effective advertisement. Effective advertisement means the realization of the desired effects of ad communication on consumers. Such effects on consumers created by means of ads include positive feelings toward the ad, brand recall, ad recall, persuasion, and buying. It’s objectives are the i) To trace the level of advertisement recalling ability. ii) To identify the various factors which are associated with advertisement recalling ability.  Questionnaire method has been used to collect the data.   The data collected have been analyzed by using different statistical tools, such as Percentage Analysis and Chi-Square Test, ANOVA, Correlation, Regression and Multiple regressions. The findings of the study reveals that out of the four variables tested, only one variable, namely age is significantly associated with the level of recalling ability.

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