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Violation of human rights in any war period is a very common phenomenon. For instance, during the Second World War there was a mass scale violation of human rights done by the Nazis in various concentration camps run by them. Post World War 2, seeing the inhumane nature of war led to the formation of Geneva Convention. There can therefore be no doubt that the decision to draft the Geneva Conventions of 1949 was sealed by the tragedy of the Second World War and that the conventions were intended to fill the gaps in international humanitarian law exposed by the conflict. However, when stating the fact that this progress made in 1949 can only be explained on the background of the horrific sufferings incurred by the Second World War, we should not forget that improvements in the protection of victims of war in particular civilians had actually been under discussion well before the outbreak of war. The present research paper highlights mainly Article-3 of Geneva Convention 1949 in the changing world scenario.

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