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Books has lots of information, selection of books are depends on readers and their requirements. Interested readers having cent percent concentration while reading because of their knowledge need. Articles, novels and stories are available in the books, which attract the readers. These type of books available in book stores, academic libraries and local libraries. Text books are designed to educate the students, it gives more knowledge to the students regarding their subjects. It helps to shape students’ carrier, up to schooling. Higher education has lot of specialization and deviation, these books available in academic libraries. Books, newspaper, novels and stories are available in digital form, it could be use by the people through their smart phone. Internet connection helps to update the books and to share the books. Text books are also available in digital form, it is called electronic books (e-books), it benefit to the teaching staff to read and share to the students.  The sharing of books is happening between the students and between staff and students. Readers could download the books as pdf format, old text books are also available in image files. Convenient sampling method used to select 50 students from each college, the same time researcher selected only post graduate students and given importance for their course which they are doing. Total sample for this study finalized 250 and collected the same from the target group.           Researcher used percentage analysis to presents the socio economic details of the sample readers, likert five point scale used to find the perception of e-book reading. This study concluded that need of further research to find the reasons for inconvenient of e-books. Future India will be cent percent digital, in educational field the same will reflect, e-books are in the beginning stage. Video classes are available in you tube, students and research scholars are utilizing it, the next generation educational system expecting more than this.

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