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Economic development, political, cultural and social development depends the education system of the country. The social sector of all the countries  like health, rural development, education and employment generation has assumed great significance in the new economic regime. The employability problems at everywhere, this study conducted in Coimbatore. Coimbatore has lot of engineering colleges, it is suitable for industries, hospitals and educational institutions.  Researcher conducted this present study to find the employability of engineering colleges in Coimbatore. Following are the objectives of the study (i) to present the socio economic factors of the sample engineering college respondents (ii) to analysis the computer skill variables which influence by the socio economic factors and (iii) to offer suggestions to the engineering students. They concluded that engineers are designing the products through computers. Language helps to complete this task, so need more knowledge to the students.  Engineering students might study in state board or matriculations, they could not studied all the languages effectively.  Engineering students should learn all required language and develop their computer skill to face the corporate needs.

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