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The present study attempts to provide orderly framework for examination of work life balance among the women employees of private sector banks. The researcher believes that the present study will help in providing constructive suggestions to improve the balance between work and life of women employees of private sector banks. The result of study would be helpful for the management of the banks in removing the difficulties intrinsic in organizational environment of banks and help in improving the working environment of the women employees. Work-life balance is not only focused on the amount of time you spend working vs. not working. It is more focused on how you utilize your time working and relaxing, recognizing that what you do in one, fuels your energy for the other. Thus, work-life balance is all about the efforts of an individual to give priority to the needs of his life in order to maintain a balance between his work life and domestic The present study describes the concept of work life balance and identify the determinants of work life balance.

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