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World Trade Organization is one of significant institutions which has been playing remarkable role to boost up the international trade in the world. It has a significant contribution for liberalize the terms and conditions on trades, particularly on transaction of agricultural produces, grown by the developing countries. The present paper examines the functioning of WTO in terms of its terms and conditions, from the view point of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat; particularly for the developing countries like India, where 45 per cent of the work force, engaged in agricultural activities.  In order to access to this international institution, the provision of ‘Green Box’ ‘Blue Box’ and the ‘Red Box’ have been proved conducive to get the facilities in accordance with desired benefits which was expected by the developed and the developing countries of the world. Lastly, in order to strengthening this institution, various suggestions have been recommended to ameliorate the terms and conditions of the trade practices, so that every segment of stakeholders may be benefitted in a judicious way.

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