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People are in need of products and service for comfortable living, products may transfer one place to another. But, the service could move one to another place. People have to travel to get the service benefits of institutions, societies, hospitals, hotels and etc. People may spent more than a day to reach their designation, for business / to meet their relatives. Food and shelter are must while travelling. Hotels fulfil their needs through their best service. Hotel management could not find all the variables to find the satisfaction level of the customers, so this study is important to find the level of satisfaction of customers. The following are the objectives of the study. (i) to present the socio economic factors of the sample respondents; (ii) to find the variables which influence the level of satisfaction and (iii) to gives suggestions to the hotel management. The researcher has chosen Coimbatore city, the researcher selected only 4 star hotel for this study to measure their level of satisfaction. Likert five point scale used to find the level of satisfaction of the sample respondents. Structured questionnaire used to collect data from the sample respondents. Simple random sample method adopted for data collection.  the researcher issued 200 questionnaire to the respondents, they given adequate time to fill their details, finally 183 questionnaire were collected back, entire 182 questionnaire were used for analysis.  Researcher concluded that the technological update must to face the new generation customers, new generation complete their entire work over smart phone, they having smart mobile and application to spread the information and issues. The management could use the same technology for hotel development.

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