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In India, construction industry is the second largest employer when compared to agriculture. Construction industry is one of the important sectors employing a large number of people on its work force. Construction workers come under the unorganized sector. The form of unorganized sector has been defined as those areas which have no proper means and ways of doing works in a systematic ways of doing in organized way. The unorganized sector has no clear-cut employer-employee relationships and lacks most forms of social protection. Having no fixed employer, these workers are casual, contractual, migrant, home based, own-account workers who attempt to earn a living from whatever meager assets and skills they possess. Skilled and unskilled construction workers work with low wages. They are working under unsecured environment or work culture. Construction industry is the major source of employment for workers in the unorganized sector. Construction workers face a lot of problems such as lack of work security, low wages, lengthy hours of work and lack of social and medical welfare facilities. Generally, construction workers face financial problem, health problems, occupational diseases, injuries, working at high places, even lose of life also.            

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