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Libya is witnessing a great development in various areas of life. This development led to the use of different sources of water. Bottled water companies mobilize all their capabilities to convince the consumer that plastic bottled water is a rescue boat in the face of tap water. This paper aims to evaluate the chemical and physical properties of ten types of bottled water (six local brands, and four imported ones) that marketed in city of Benghazi. The study also aims to compare the results with the local Libyan specifications for bottled drinking water. The studied samples achieved a good level of quality in all measured physical and chemical properties comparing to the Libyan standard specification for bottled drinking water. Total dissolved salts and pH of the local bottled drinking water were close from the minimum standard specifications for bottled drinking water. The statistical analysis shows that the water quality of the local varieties of bottled drinking water does not differ from the quality of the imported ones. Statistical analysis showed significant differences between the quality of bottled drinking water for local and imported varieties in the parameters of total dissolved solids, pH and total hardness.

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