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Shopper behavior comprises several elements namely shopper’s pre buying behavior, shopper’s decision making, mode of purchase and preference related to their consumption etc., play a vital role in the various tasks related to the retailers, marketers, stockers, producers so on and so forth. Sample size of the research was 50 shopping mall consumers in Coimbatore. Convenience sampling technique was used for primary data collection. The research tries to know the brand preference towards FMCG products among consumers at shopping malls. The analysis identified that there is influence of dimensions of brand preference namely piece, quality and brand image on purchase intention among consumers at shopping malls in Coimbatore. From the path analysis, it is found that there is influence of purchase intention on consumer behaviour among consumers at shopping malls in Coimbatore. Hence, it is concluded that the mall managers should go beyond if they are to optimize people-centered business advantage in the marketplace by putting more emphasis on branding due to the perception that people are more tend to have products with reputable brand names.

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