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This article tends to understand the role of intellectual property rights with reference to information technology which needs stringent laws and policies due to rising infringement in the contemporary scenario of the present legal system. It is now the time for the change in understanding the issues related to innovations via considering the effects on the intellectual property rights owners in the global world. Intellectual property is the human mind product borne out of the creativity which formulates the innovations. The Innovations are the source for the developments which enables the developing countries to rise in this fast moving space. We can thus call it as the information technology impact on the intellectual property rights domain in the context related specifically for industrial development of the nation’s calling for the need of dissemination in the developing countries. This article will analyse the position of India as a developing country and the need for the dissemination of intellectual property rights in innovations required for the growth of IT sector. And suggest various advantages through which intellectual property rights can prove to give a cumulative impact to various developing countries.

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