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Aristotle defines human being as a social animal. He maintains that a human who doesn’t require society must be either God or Beast. Therefore, human being is social by nature and he/she is supposed to perform certain duties and enjoys right as well. From beginning all human need to live in society and in society we live with relation. Marriage is one of the most important relations to our existence. In marriage, both partners have their right and duty but some time one of them got exorbitance advantage of some bad tradition. In Muslim triple talaq is one of those kind malpractices. India is a secular country and any religion or any individual is not above form it. Our constitution gave the right to live life with dignity to all citizens. But some religion contractor thing that they are superior then any law and that is why they applicable some bad custom in there a religion for their own benefit. Triple talaq is that kind of mischief in Muslim. In the modern world, some drastic change has happened in all religion. In India, our society is also changed. Young man and women are not tolerating inhuman tradition in their religion. They raise their voice against bad law and file case in court. People pressurize the government to change malpractice and make good law which benefits them to grow as a perfect society. In 2018 the supreme court of India has ban triple talaq in “Shayara Bano case”.          

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