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This is an attempt to find the literacy trend and disparity between urban-rural literacy (1971-2011) in Haryana and India. The study also analysed the spatial pattern of literacy as well as disparity between urban-rural literacy at district level in Haryana. Haryana has been backward in literacy at all levels i.e. total, urban and rural till1971. But after 1971, Haryana has been recordedincrease at high pace. The gap between urban-rural literacy is keep decreasing since 1971, but it is still significant differences; 11.09% in Haryana as well as 16 .07 % at national level. Mewat district of Haryana has lowest literacyrate at all levels. Palwal (70.32%), Kaithal (70.55 %), Fatehabad (69.13 %) and Sirsa (70.35%) districts of Haryana are also backword in literacy.

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