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Banking industry is a backbone of Indian financial system and it is afflicted by many challenging forces. One such force is revolution of information technology. In today’s era, technology support is very important for the successful functioning of the banking sector. Without IT and communication we cannot think about the success of banking industry, it has enlarged the role of banking sector in Indian economy. For creating an efficient banking system, which can respond adequately to the needs of growing economy, technology has a key role to play. In past 10 years, banks in India have invested heavily in the technology such as Tele banking, mobile banking, net banking, ATMs, credit cards, debit cards, electronic payment systems and data warehousing and data mining solutions, to bring improvements in quality of customer services and the fast processing of banking operation. Heavy investments in IT have been made by the banks in the expectation of improvement in their performance. But important in the performance depends upon, differences in the deployment, use and effectiveness of IT.

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