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The one of the major approaches of the Qualitative Research is Ethnography, sometimes known as Cultural Anthropology or sometimes called as Naturalistic Enquiry. Its disciplinary origin is Anthropology. Ethnography deals with the discovery and description of culture of a group or group of individual. As the concept of culture is the central theme of Ethnography Research; that’s why the question raised from this point of view is that what the Cultural characteristics of a group of individuals are? Here Culture means the system of norms and standards that a society develops over the courses of many generations. Ethnography research helps to search very complicated or complex deign challenges. A tremendous and effective researcher is needed when he or she is viewing or observing or interacting with target population in their real-life situation. Ethnography Research is a one of the most important qualitative research where researcher observe or interact with the target population and researcher plays an important role to obtain useful cultural information that’s why Ethnography research is known as cultural ethnography or cultural anthropology. This kind of research is a part of social science research. We knows there are several forms of Ethnography research. As for example, confessional Ethnography research, life history Ethnography research, feminist Ethnography research, realist Ethnography research, critical Ethnography research etc. Out of the several form of Ethnography research, the two most common and popular form of Ethnography research are “Realist Ethnography Research” and “Critical Ethnography Research”. The “Realist Ethnography Research” is sometimes known as traditional Ethnography research whereas the critical Ethnography research is concerned with those group or group of individuals who are marginalized in society. The toughest activity of Ethnography research is the researcher should play as a member of the target population and spent several months even if several years with target population or group. Therefore, Ethnography research not only a qualitative research but also it is a longitudinal research.

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